Best TSA Compliant Liquid Containers


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Hey TravelAddyx!

We thought we'd publish an article about the travel liquid containers we use because it could have helped someone we met while we were traveling in Kenya.

Unfortunately, one of our travel companions had a container fail in her backpack. She had just put a full regular plastic bottle of shampoo in her checked travel backpack, but when we arrived at our first tent camp in Maasai Mara, the bottle had opened and leaked all over her clothes (and had seeped out of her backpack and onto some of the other luggage as well).

Don't let this be you!  We've traveled with these handy liquid containers for the last year, and have had no problems with leaks whatsoever.  We've put them in our carry-on, we've put them in our checked baggage, and we've not yet had any leakage (even minor).

We paired these containers with this clear TSA compliant one quart bag that is just the right size and shape to fit the most liquids possible.  We get these four bottles in there, plus a 100ml toothpaste tube, our 100ml shaving cream bottle, our 100ml bug repellant, and 100ml sunscreen that all came prepackaged in the right size.  You could easily fill the bag, though, with two sets of the leakproof bottles if you preferred and still have room for the toothpaste and something else.  It's probably a better idea to do that, anyway, as we've chosen to wrap the other items we didn't containerize in ziploc bags just to be safe (the shave cream is the usual offender but it's not transferable to the leakproof containers).

Our friend's story ended okay though.  After all, what is shampoo if not soap.  She rinsed out her clothes and they were dry in an afternoon in the warm savannah sun (even if they now smelled a bit like coconut oil).  But it didn't have to be....

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