Best Solid Shampoo for Travel

Packing Hack:  Why Solid Shampoo Bars Are Essential for Travelers

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Hey TravelAddyx!

When you're on the go in 6 month stints like we are, even having the best no-leak TSA compliant 100ml bottles isn't going to cut it.  There is no way we could get enough TSA compliant bottles of shampoo in our toiletry case to cover our trip.  One of those bottles barely lasts a few days for one of us, let alone two.  But we have a great travel hack that we wanted to share with you.... we discovered solid shampoo.  Wait.... we know you're thinking that you would never use bar soap, so why would you use bar shampoo?  While the principle is the same, the execution is quite different.  These all natural shampoos are great for your hair, and great for the environment, too.

We've tried a couple of different products, and we've listed our favorites above.  Right now we're using the Ethike Kiwi bar.  It's got a rich lather and a smooth texture to the suds,  Our hair, what little of it we still have, is smooth and manageable, even when the temperature and humidity in Southeast Asia have been soaring.  The fact that it's all natural and typically comes in non-plastic packaging means bar shampoo is way better for the environment too.  

It saves us from the (remote, if you've got the right containers) possibility of leakage (see what happened to a tourmate of ours in Kenya).  You don't even have to worry about the TSA at all!  It also saves you from what some creep might have put in those non-tamper-proof shared shampoo dispensers they have at hotels these days.

Lastly, shampoo bars are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for packing. One bar can last as long as two to three regular sized bottles of liquid shampoo, freeing up space in your luggage for souvenirs or extra outfits. 

Switching to a solid shampoo bar might seem like a small change, but it can significantly enhance your travel experience. Say goodbye to liquid messes, hello to eco-friendliness, and enjoy the ease of packing light. 

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional adventurer, give solid shampoo bars a try—you won’t look back.

Feed your hair and feed your travel addiction!